Call for Papers

Joanny Moulin sent in this Call for Papers for a publication on Hughes's talks for Poetry in the Making.

Ted Hughes: Poetry in the Making

Call for papers

Ted Hughes’s radio talks Poetry in the Making (1967, Faber & Faber 2008, & audiobook by The British Library Publishing Division, coll. "The Spoken Word") were primarily intended to help students improve their creative writing abilities, they are also an effective introduction to Hughes's own work and the influences other writers have had on him. In France, they are currently part of the official syllabus for the baccalauréat. The relevance of these texts for educational and creative purposes calls for some academic assessment. A rich starting point would doubtless be practical accounts or testimonies of their potential to awaken the desire and the capacity to write. The approach to literary creation that they advocate, and the philosophical, not to say ideological, vision of the world that they convey, deserve to be analysed from a critical point of view.

Contributions will be submitted to a reading committee, for publication in the on-line journal of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon, La clé des langues (

Papers in English, between 5000 & 6000 words long, should be sent to Pr. Joanny Moulin (joanny.moulin {at}, to whom prospective authors can also apply for a stylesheet.

Deadline: 15 April 2011. Early submission most welcome.