In Memory of Keith Sagar

Jacqueline Cotton sent in this short piece ...

Path up Scout Rock

I wanted to share this poem with you and thoughts upon this Christmas evening for Keith.

It has, for me, great depth of sentiment and although its central thesis is that of a lost love ... I only draw from it ... the very real strength in emotion of a love, indeed found ...

This is a poem about lost love which moves me greatly. I was introduced to it by my writer and critic friend Keith Sagar who heard it at a reading long ago. Ted Hughes (Keith's friend) identified it for him, saying it was his favourite poem. It is translated from the Gaelic by Lady Gregory (friend of Yeats), sometimes called "The Grief of a Girl's Heart" and sometimes "Donal Og".

Jacqueline Cotton


Note: If you feel like posting your memories of Keith here, please let me know.

You can read several of Keith's essays and a poem in memory of Ted on this site. His own website,, to which he added several essays just weeks ago contains much more material. He was also author of many critical publications – just do a search of the Criticism section here, for a list of most of them.