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I've created the first version of this web site in May 1995. At the time there existed no web site whatsoever that would provide on-line information on Ted Hughes. Since then, the site has grown and changed a lot, and hopefully will continue to do so.

It is intended to be a meeting place for readers, 'scholars', students, enthusiasts and anyone else with an interest in Ted Hughes's work.

The Title

The title "Earth-Moon" alludes to a poem by Ted Hughes which gave its name to a limited edition of poems published in 1976. Having its roots in the context of Crow, it was published as a children's poem. It was republished in Moon-Whales and Other Moon Poems (1976), and Moon-Whales (1988).

"Earth-Moon" quickly became emblematic of my own research. It is one of those fascinating pieces which easily straddle both worlds – Hughes's writing for adults and writing for children, which are often unnecessarily keep apart.


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John Adamson, Andy Armitage, Scott Arnold, Anja Beckmann, Carol Bere, Noel Chanan, Jason Clapham of lesmurray.org, Stewart Clarke, Maria Corden, Donald & Hilary Crossley, Roy Davids, Trish Davie, Roger Elkin, Steve Enniss, Nick Gammage, Terry Gifford, Adolphe Haberer, Edward Hadley, Ursula Häse, Carol Hughes, Glyn Hughes, Frieda Hughes, Olwyn Hughes, Jutta & Wolfgang Kaussen, Andrea Kazzer and the rest of my family, Daniel Kirkdorffer, Donald Maxton of Donald A. Maxton – Fine Books, the late Diane Middlebrook, Joanny Moulin, Dawa and Lucas Myers, Lissa Paul, Sylvia Paul, Kilian Plath, Felicity Potter of The Bookcase in Hebden Bridge, John & Mary Pugh who first introduced me to Ted Hughes's work, Vanessa Read, Frances & Geoff Robinson, Keith Sagar, Elmar Schenkel, Len Scigaj, Martel Seifert, Charles Seluzicki of Charles Seluzicki – Fine and Rare Books, Lisa Silver, Alan Skea, Ann Skea, Heiko Weißbach, Daniel Weissbort, Piet Wesselmann of Wesselmann Books, Frieder Zimmermann of QuohrenMPG ... and to anyone else who contributed, criticised or helped in any other way.

About the Author

Claas Kazzer is a German independent scholar formerly associated with the University of Leipzig, Germany. He lives in Leipzig, where he works chiefly as translator and webworker.

His work on Ted Hughes includes "'Earth-Moon': Ted Hughes's Books For Children (And Adults)" (in Moulin (ed.) Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons) and several essays published on this site. Website: www.claas-kazzer.de.

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