In Memory of Daniel Weissbort

Daniel Weissbort, poet, translator and long-term friend of Ted Hughes died on 18. November 2013

Tree on verge of falling off cliff

Ann Skea write: "I have just heard of the death of Daniel Weissbort. Danny has been suffering from Alzheimers for several years and has been resident in a care home for some time. I am saddened to have lost a good friend who, until his Alzheimers made e-mail correspondence too difficult, shared many thoughts, opinions and jokes with me. My last visit to him and Valentina in their London home was a memorable time  of music, poetry, champagne and Russian caviar and Danny's memories of earlier days was, then, still intact. Danny's Letters to Ted (Anvil Poetry Press, 2002) is full of beautiful, simple, heart-felt poems which say much about Danny and express the closeness he felt to Ted in their long friendship."

I first met Danny in 2001 at the International Poetry Festival in Berlin and have known him since as a very kind, softly spoken and warm man who was lovely to spend time with and who would always encourage others to write about Ted Hughes's work and life.

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