British Library publishes Sylvia Plath CD

British Library publishes CD of recordings from the BBC and British Library Sound Archives: "Sylvia Plath - The Spoken Word".

Sylvia Plath: The Spoken Word, 2010 (cover)

Sylvia Plath: The Spoken Word, 2010 (cover)

This CD contains all the recordings of Sylvia Plath that survived in the BBC Sound Archives (with the exception of a reading of poems by Marvin Kane) and a recording of "Tulips" held by the British Library Sound Archive. It also makes available the reading and interview with Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes in the series "Two of a Kind".


  • New Poetry: The Poet's Voice (1960)
  • Two of a Kind – Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (1961)
  • The Living Poet – talk with poetry readings (1961)
  • Poetry Reading at the Mermaid Theatre (1961)
  • The Poet's Voice (1962)
  • What Made You Stay? (Seven Americans were asked why they chose to live and work in England) (1962)
  • The Poet's Voice (1962)
  • New Comment – a review of "Contemporary American Poetry" (1963)

A full Contents listing is here.

The set is available from the British Library shop and from good booksellers.