In Memory of Keith Sagar

Peter Fydler writes

shell on sand

The following contribution was sent in in memory of Keith Sagar, 1934–2013.



Peter Fydler writes:

I had only recently made contact with Keith as I bought his copy of Adam & The Scared Nine. I also suggested some additions/corrections to his Bibliography, which he accepted with very good grace.

Only a week before he died he was in touch because I had discovered some interesting correspondence between Ted Hughes and Leonard Baskin at the British Library which proved that Ted Hughes had at least begun to think about Crow as early as August 1964 (a postcard from Ted to Leonard dated 14/8/1964 contained the enigmatic phrase "The Book Of Crow is in the egg ...")

He was very excited about the "discovery" (although his friend Leonard Scigaj always stated that Crow began just weeks after Sylvia Plath's death when Baskin visited and suggested Ted wrote some poems inspired by a drawing of his called "Anatomy of The Crow"). He was planning to come to London on 22nd November to look through the Baskin/Hughes correspondence and we were going to meet at a restaurant called The Life Goddess on Store Street.

Only this morning I was wondering what, of many in my head, questions I should ask!

I'm glad I told him that I had just read his brilliant Poet & Critic, and that it made me laugh and cry ...




Note: If you feel like posting your memories of Keith here, please let me know.

You can read several of Keith's essays and a poem in memory of Ted on this site. His own website,, to which he added several essays just weeks ago contains much more material. He was also author of many critical publications – just do a search of the Criticism section here, for a list of most of them.