In Memory of Keith Sagar

Amzed Hossein just sent in the following

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The following contribution was sent in in memory of Keith Sagar, 1934–2013.




It was such a sad news. For some time I had been thinking of sending an e-mail to Professor Sagar, but hesitating whether it be proper to bother him.  Memories came crowding to my mind. Ted Hughes, whom I met in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Nov 1989, gave me Dr Sagar’s address and asked me to write to him regarding some material that I required for my doctoral work on Hughes. I wrote to him and soon I received photocopies of lots of material which were simply unavailable in India then. Subsequently I had had several letters from him – and except the last two typed ones – all were in his beautiful handwriting. It was before the Age of e-mail! Indeed, you can imagine how much I cherish those letters.

He intended to use an edited version of my long interview with Ted Hughes as an Appendix in The Challenge of Ted Hughes (1994) but ultimately the plan somehow fell through. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a short extract from this interview used as a sort of epigraph in that book. He was such a generous man!      



Note: If you feel like posting your memories of Keith here, please let me know.

You can read several of Keith's essays and a poem in memory of Ted on this site. His own website,, to which he added several essays just weeks ago contains much more material. He was also author of many critical publications – just do a search of the Criticism section here, for a list of most of them.