Death of a Poet

By Keith Sagar

A ghost crab sidled into his body
By moonlight
Laid its thousand eggs.


When that oak fell a tremor passed
Through all the rivers of the West.
The spent salmon felt it.


A rare familiar voice
Entered the October silence
While red leaves fell.

© Keith Sagar, 2000


This poem was inscribed on the flyleaf of a copy of The Laughter of Foxes for auction by the Cancer Research Campaign to raise money for its work.

Enclosed with the book was the manuscript of an unpublished poem by Ted called »Knave of Clubs«. Details were published in the Independent on Sunday, 12 November 2000.

About the Author

Keith Sagar, formerly Reader in English Literature at Manchester University, is the author of several books of criticism on Ted Hughes, including The Laughter of Foxes: A Study of Ted Hughes and Ted Hughes and Nature: 'Terror and Exultation'.

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Keith Sagar: The Laughter of Foxes. A Study of Ted Hughes, Liverpool University Press, 2000; revised ed. 2007 [more].