In Memory of Keith Sagar

Rajbir Parashar just sent in the following

shell on sand

The following contribution was sent in in memory of Keith Sagar, 1934–2013.



Rajbir Parashar

A Tribute to Keith Sagar

Saddening moments
pour in
with your passionate offerings to the poet.

You remind Ted, today
as never before

remembrance of you both
is but a twin –
of poetry and prose.

never touched your warm hand
nor ever felt Ted's, though

I have reasons to grieve
and share sadness intense

at your sudden 'go'

more so –
you accompany Seamus
who left us
not long ago!



Note: If you feel like posting your memories of Keith here, please let me know.

You can read several of Keith's essays and a poem in memory of Ted on this site. His own website,, to which he added several essays just weeks ago contains much more material. He was also author of many critical publications – just do a search of the Criticism section here, for a list of most of them.