Friday 16. December 2011
Pembroke College

The Ted Hughes Society Journal, Issue No. II

Second Issue of Ted Hughes Society Journal out now

The Ted Hughes Society has announced the second issue of its journal.

It contains the following contributions:

  • Terry Gifford: Just back from the Abbey, 6 December 2011
  • Sam Solnick: 'Life Subdued to Its Instrument': Ted Hughes and Technology
  • Ann Skea: Variant Editions: Cave Birds, River, Remains of Elmet, Elmet and Three Books
  • Amy Hildreth Chen: The Perils of Literary Celebrity: The Archival Stories of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath
  • Mick Gowar: Poetry in the Making: Fifty Years Old
  • Johannes Heisig: From Poetry to Painting
  • Stuart Hirschberg: The Shaman, Trickster, and Scapegoat Motif in Hughes's Oresteia
  • Terry Gifford: Review of Daniel Xerri's Ted Hughes' Art of Healing

To read/view the journal online, you need to buy a subscription. Subscriptions are available at a mere £ 10 per year and payable via paypal and other channels. All articles are made available in PDF format

For further information, please log on to the society website