Tuesday 30. November 2010

Tim Supple memoir online!

In 2008, Lucas Myers and Bert Wyatt-Brown had begun a book of memoirs and related pieces which, unfortunately, had to be dropped for various reasons. Now, Ann Skea has published director Tim Supple's ... [more]

Monday 29. November 2010

Poetry and Childhood

A new book edited by Morag Styles, Louise Joy and David Whitley includes essays on Hughes's children's writing. The pieces were originally presented at conference organised by Morag Styles for the British ... [more]

Tuesday 16. November 2010

The Spoken Word: British Poets 2010

British Library publishes CD with several Ted Hughes poems  [more]

Thursday 07. October 2010

New Statesman publishes Hughes manuscript poem

The New Statesman has published a "previously unseen" manuscript poem, "Last Letter", from the British Library's Ted Hughes Archive [more]

Tuesday 05. October 2010

Podcast feat. Daniel Huws, Richard Hollis and Carol Hughes now available

A podcast of the conversation between Daniel Huws, Richard Hollis and Carol Hughes, recorded at the Ted Hughes Conference at Pembroke College, Cambridge, has been made available on the college's website. [more]

Monday 04. October 2010

"The Artist and the Poet" at DocSpot at the Barbican

Noel Chanan's film "The Artist and the Poet" (Leonard Baskin & Ted Hughes in Conversation) will be screened at the DocSpot at the Barbican, London on 17th Nov. 2010, at 6.30 pm. The event will be followed ... [more]

Saturday 18. September 2010

Conference concludes

The Ted Hughes Conference at Cambridge has concluded. Here is a short summary, photos and more. [more]

Saturday 18. September 2010

New Book by Lucas Myers

Lucas Myers has published The Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath (Richard Hollis, 2011). [more]

Saturday 18. September 2010

New Book by Daniel Weissbort

Daniel Weissbort has published Ted Hughes and Translation (Richard Hollis, 2011). [more]

Thursday 16. September 2010

British Library acquires more letters and unpublished poems

The British Library has acquired letters and manuscripts of Ted Hughes from his sister Olwyn [more]

Saturday 11. September 2010

Call for Papers

Joanny Moulin sent in this Call for Papers for a publication on Hughes's talks for Poetry in the Making. [more]

Wednesday 08. September 2010

Two essays by Terry Gifford

Terry Gifford has submitted two essays "A Response to the Letters of Ted Hughes" and "Ted Hughes, Translation and Ecopoetics". [more]

Sunday 05. September 2010

Radioplay based on Ted Hughes's life

Ann Skea informs me that there is a new radioplay based on Ted Hughes's life, which can be downloaded for free. [more]

Wednesday 25. August 2010

"Spelling and strikethrough, typing manuscripts and silent editing"

Carrie Smith submitted a blog entry relating to Ted Hughes's manuscripts. [more]

Thursday 12. August 2010

New Essay by Claas Kazzer

"What is the Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories and Stories" is an essay that deals with parts of Ted Hughes's biography, how we remember and more. [more]

Tuesday 27. July 2010

"Occult Energies" essay by Ann Skea

I've just noticed that Ann Skea's essay "Occult Energies" is now available online. [more]

Wednesday 21. July 2010

"Adam and the Sacred Nine" essays by Ann Skea

Ann Skea has uploaded all parts of her essay on Ted Hughes's "Adam and the Sacred Nine" to her website. [more]

Tuesday 20. July 2010

New online essay by Sophie Pollard

Sophie Pollard has submitted a new essay titled "The Oedipus Myth in Ted Hughes's Crow". [more]

Tuesday 13. July 2010

Ted Hughes Archive Blog

Ted Hughes Archive now open at the British Library [more]

Monday 12. July 2010

New online essay by Ann Skea

Ann Skea has published a new essay on Ted Hughes's "Adam and the Sacred Nine" on her website. [more]

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Eisbergfreistadt is a project by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Their story goes that in 1923, at the height of the hyperinflation, a huge iceberg stranded just off the German town of Lübeck in the Baltic Sea. The iceberg was declared a free trade zone and attracted a lot of attention. It inspired the artists of the time to design Notgeld (inflation money) … But you best read on and explore for yourselves at

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"What is the Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories and Stories" is an essay exploring aspects of Ted Hughes's biography as remembered by Hughes and others, how we remember and more.

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Edward Hadley: The Elegies of Ted Hughes, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 [more].

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Review and podcast here.

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