Monday 04. July 2011

New plaque revealed at North Tawton

A blue plaque commemorating Ted Hughes was revealed on 28 April [more]

Thursday 09. June 2011

Blake Morrison to give Ted Hughes Memorial Lecture

Blake Morrison will give the biannual Ted Hughes Memorial Lecture at the Ways with Words festival at Dartingon Hall. The lecture will be held at 4pm on 13 July. [more]

Wednesday 08. June 2011

Wind Farm threat at Blackshaw Head

Wind farm threat at Blackshaw Head: An application has been made to erect large 60ft wind turbines near Ted Hughes's former home at Colden Clough ... [more]

Monday 06. June 2011

Rare Ted Hughes editions for sale

Roy and Eve Watkins of Embers Handpress from Fairbourne, Gwynnedd, have an exceptional collection of limited and rare editions by Ted Hughes for sale, many of them illustrated. [more]

Sunday 29. May 2011

Ted Hughes Society announces first issue of society journal

The Ted Hughes Society has announced the first issue of society journal, mostly comprising contributions to the Ted Hughes conference 2010 [more]

Thursday 26. May 2011

Glyn Hughes

It is with great sadness that I've learned today, that Glyn Hughes has died. [more]

Monday 16. May 2011

Book Review by Roger Elkin

Roger Elkin submitted a comprehensive review of Keith Sagar's book Ted Hughes and Nature [more]

Thursday 28. April 2011

Article by Steve Enniss

The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) has published an article by Stephen Enniss titled "Ted Hughes, archives and alligators. How – and why – writers' papers end up in British and American libraries" [more]

Friday 08. April 2011

Interview with Frieda Hughes

The online magazine The Browser has published an interview with Frieda Hughes in which she talks about several poetry collections by other authors as well as her own writing. [more]

Thursday 31. March 2011

New book by Heather Clark

Heather Clark of Marlboro College whom many of you will remember from the Ted Hughes Conference at Campbridge has published "The Grief of Influence: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes" with Oxford University ... [more]

Friday 25. March 2011

Ted Hughes Poetry Award goes to Kaite O’Reilly

The Ted Hughes Poetry Award 2010 goes to Kaite O'Reilly for her play The Persians. [more]

Friday 25. March 2011

Mystery Salmon Poem

Bruce Sandison of The Salmon Farm Monitor is looking for confirmation whether salmon poem was written by Ted Hughes [more]

Wednesday 23. March 2011

Norman Nicholson, John Fisher and Ted Hughes

David Boyd, author of a biography of Norman Nicholson, alerted me to the link between Ted Hughes' teacher John Fisher, Norman Nicholson and Hughes [more]

Wednesday 23. March 2011

Ted Hughes Society announces symposium

The Ted Hughes Society has announced its first Day Symposium [more]

Tuesday 22. March 2011

Ted Hughes Award Shortlist

The shortlist for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry includes Martin Figura, Kaite O’Reilly, Christopher Reid, David Swann and Katharine Towers  [more]

Tuesday 22. March 2011

Cambridge podcast transcript published

Ann Skea has uploaded the transcript of the podcast of the conversation between Daniel Huws, Richard Hollis and Carol Hughes, recorded at the Ted Hughes Conference at Pembroke College. [more]

Tuesday 22. March 2011

Ted Hughes Society launched

As had been agreed during the Ted Hughes conference at Cambridge in September 2010, a Ted Hughes Society has been founded.  [more]

Monday 07. February 2011

New book by Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes's poetry collection "A Year in the Bull-Box" is to be published on 26 February 2011 by Arc Publications [more]

Monday 07. February 2011

Where is the Black Beast -- Film interpretation of Crow

Brooklyn-based artist Simon Lee and the musician Algis Kizys have created a film "interpretation" of poems from Ted Hughes' Crow. [more]

Tuesday 30. November 2010

Paintings of Hughes's childhood landscape

Art dealer Philip Hughes of Skipton has commissioned six new paintings inspired by Hughes's childhood landscape. The paintings are on display in his art shop in Hebden Bridge Market and online. [more]

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