Friday 17. May 2013

Signed Tales of the Early World

Sheila Graber has contacted me because she has a specially signed edition of Tales of the Early World, which she'd like to sell to an interested reader [more]

Friday 17. May 2013

Keith Sagar publishes "Bibliographical Supplement 1996-2013"

Keith Sagar has published an 88-page "Bibliographical Supplement 1996-2013" for download from his website. [more]

Friday 17. May 2013

Ann Skea on Ted Hughes and Religion

Ann Skea has published a short essay on Ted Hughes's ideas and opinions on religion. [more]

Friday 17. May 2013

New essay by Susanna Lidstrom

Susanna Lidstrom has just published an article in Ecozono, Vol 4, No 1 (2013) titled "Different Shades of Green: A Dark Green Counterculture in Ted Hughes's Crow" [more]

Thursday 16. May 2013

Ted Hughes Poetry Award 2012 goes to Kate Tempest

The Ted Hughes Poetry Award 2012 goes to Kate Tempest for "Brand New Ancients" [more]

Monday 15. April 2013

David Wevill voices doubts over MSS sale

The StarPhoenix has published an article/interview with David Wevill concerning the inclusion of some of his papers in the Roy Davids MSS sale. Here's a link to the artice and a comment by Roy. [more]

Thursday 28. March 2013

Ann Skea on Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot

Ann Skea has finished her analysis on Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot.  [more]

Friday 01. February 2013

Ted Hughes Society announces third issue of society journal

The Ted Hughes Society has announced the third issue of the society journal and the publication of an essay by Ann Skea, "Ted Hughes and the Goddess". [more]

Wednesday 30. January 2013

Interview with Olwyn Hughes

The Guardian of 18 January features an interview with Olwyn Hughes in response to an interview with Elizabeth Sigmund published in the same issue [more]

Wednesday 23. January 2013

New essay by Ann Skea: Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot

Ann Skea has begun a new series in progress called "Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot" [more]

Saturday 05. January 2013

Carol Hughes to write Memoir

The Western Morning News reports that Carol Hughes plans to write a memoir of her marriage to Ted. [more]

Tuesday 04. December 2012

Keith Sagar publishes 15 essays on his website

Keith Sagar has just published 15 of his essays and talks on his website for free download. The texts are made available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. [more]

Tuesday 16. October 2012

Memoir by Gerald Hughes

Ted Hughes's brother Gerald has just published "Ted and I: A Brother's Memoir" (The Robson Press)  [more]

Wednesday 26. September 2012

Ted Hughes Award 2012

The Ted Hughes Award 2012 announcement is out. [more]

Tuesday 25. September 2012

New essay by Ann Skea

Ann Skea has published a new essay on Ted Hughes's collaboration with Reg Lloyd. [more]

Tuesday 25. September 2012

New essay by Michael Baldwin

There is a new essay our on Michael Baldwin's "Ted Hughes and Shamanism". It was one of the essays originally slated for the collection of memoirs edited by Lucas Myers and Bertram Wyatt ... [more]

Tuesday 25. September 2012

Hebden Bridge: A Sense of Belonging, by Paul Barker

Carol Bere alerted me to a review of an autobiography "Hebden Bridge: A Sense of Belonging, by Paul Barker" whose author grew up in Mytholmroyd and Hebden. [more]

Thursday 09. August 2012

Essay on Ted Hughes from a magical perspective

Peter Grey of Scarlet Imprint published an essay on Ted Hughes from a magical perspective in the collection Mandragora. [more]

Monday 09. July 2012

Poet and Critic: The Letters of Ted Hughes and Keith Sagar

The book publishes all 144 letters from Hughes to Sagar held at the British Library, from the beginning of their correspondence in 1969 until shortly before Hughes death in 1998.  [more]

Sunday 08. July 2012

Crow by the Handspring Puppet Company

A review by Steven Barfield [more]

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