Keith Sagar (ed.): The Achievement of Ted Hughes

Keith Sagar (ed.): The Achievement of Ted Hughes

The Achievement of Ted Hughes

Author: Sagar, Keith (ed.)

Published by Manchester University Press, 1983

The Achievement of Ted Hughes collects a remarkable variety of critical articles on Hughes's work. Much of the material was drawn from the first conference on Ted Hughes's work, organized by Keith Sagar and held at the University of Manchester in 1980.

The Achievement of Ted Hughes also holds an appendix with thirty uncollected poems by Ted Hughes! The book contains the following articles (original order):

  • Keith Sagar: "Hughes and his Landscape" 
  • Seamus Heaney: "Hughes and England"
  • Annie Schofield: "Hughes and the Movement"
  • Michael Parker: "Hughes and the Poets of Eastern Europe"
  • Graham Bradshaw: "Hughes and Shakespeare"
  • Michael Sweeting: "Hughes and Shamanism"
  • Terry Gifford, Neil Roberts: "Hughes and Two Contemporaries: Peter Redgrove and Seamus Heaney"
  • Ekbert Faas: "Chapters of a Shared Mythology: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes"
  • Leonard M. Scigaj: "Oriental Mythology in Wodwo"
  • Fred Rue Jacobs: "Hughes and Drama"
  • Jarold Ramsey: "Crow, or the Trickster Transformed"
  • Annie Schofield: "The Oedipus Theme in Hughes" 
  • Graham Bradshaw: "Creative Mythology in Cave Birds"
  • Keith Cushman: "Hughes' Poetry for Children"
  • Craig Robinson: "The Good Shepherd: Moortown Elegies"
  • Keith Sagar: "Fourfold Vision in Hughes" 

The uncollected poems from the appendix are listed in the Bibliography of Ted Hughes's works.