Keith Sagar: Ted Hughes and Nature: 'Terror and Exultation'

Keith Sagar's new full-length study Ted Hughes and  ... [more]

Edward Hadley: The Elegies of Ted Hughes. Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

Palgrave Macmillan has just published Edward Hadley's  ... [more]


The following pages collect information on criticism of Ted Hughes's work, including critical publications, online essays and information on conferences.

As with the other sections, web site building is still ongoing, so please bear with me.

Below you will find a chronological list of critical publications (newest publications first). For separate listings with essays and book publications only, please use the menu on the left.

Ted Hughes: The Unaccommodated Universe

Author: Faas, Ekbert

Published by Black Sparrow Press, 1980 [more]

"A Return to 'The Wound' by Ted Hughes"

Author: Gifford, Terry

Published in Kingfisher I, 1978 (46–53), republished on, 1999 [more]

The Art of Ted Hughes

Author: Sagar, Keith (ed.)

Published by Cambridge University Press, 1975;
Second, extended edition 1978 [more]

Zur Lyrik von Ted Hughes und Thom Gunn: Eine Interpretation nach Leitmotiven

Author: Mitgutsch, Waltraud

Published by Universität Salzburg, 1973 [more]

Ted Hughes

Author: Sagar, Keith

Published by Longman, 1972 [more]

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